The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link in sight

A new viewing platform offers an overview of the planned tunnel work area at Rødbyhavn


The long winding ramp is made to comply with accessibility for the disabled. The cladding is fir wood.



The octagonal shape is created using a custom-made truss construction.

The coastlines of Denmarks southern islands Møn, Falster and Lolland are known hot spots for bird spotting and in particular for watching the annual migration of millions of birds following the same corridor every year traveling to warmer climates for the winter.

This might have inspired the name "fugleflugtslinjen" (similar to the expression "as the crow flies") for the traffic corridor connecting Denmark and Germany by highway and ferry via Lolland. A corridor that will be seriously updated with the new rail and road tunnel.

The small viewing platform commissioned by Femern A/S is used for information purposes and designed as an informal and inviting platform for dialogue with the general public - of whom some might even use it for bird watching.


Client: Femern A/S

Design: Peter Bysted

Engineer: Bent Moseby A/S

Contractor: GfK-Huse ApS